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Learning About Wildlife And Ocean Life Is Fun In The Outer Banks

April 14th, 2022

Where else but the Outer Banks can provide kids of all ages the opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time? Each year, thousand of visitor descend upon this thin strip of shoreline bordering the north-easternmost end of North Carolina, mainly to enjoy the beach and other related activities. However, the Currituck Outer Banks offer more than miles of sand and sunny day, but the opportunity for all to meet the creatures who live there all year round. A great place to learn more about the wild side of the Outer Banks is at the Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education.

The Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education is one-third of the state’s wildlife resources commission, located conveniently in Currituck County near two other popular attractions – The Whalehead Club and the Currituck Beach Lighthouse. Open year round with varying hours in the off-season, the Center welcomes families, visitors, and school groups to learn more about the environment that sustains the array of marine life and other creatures who call the Currituck Sound home.

The wildlife center is quite large (over twenty-two thousand square feet) and houses a visitor’s center, exhibition hall, auditorium and an extensive gallery of waterfowl decoys. Visitors to the wildlife center may find exhibits that showcase wildlife of the barrier islands, from the many different species of fish to the ducks and geese that migrate south for the winter. Area histories of related industries like boating, fishing, and hunting are also featured from the early days to the present.

Depending on the time of year, the wildlife center may also host excursions and outreach programs designed to educate others about the importance of keeping the environment clean and healthy for Currituck’s special residents. No visit to the Outer Banks would be complete without a visit to this popular attraction in Corolla, North Carolina.