Be a Wildlife Expert! Get a Wildlife College Degree

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Becoming a wildlife expert takes more than passion for anything wild. You also need the science to back you up when it comes to the research and development aspect of the said field. Brady Barr and Steve Irwin (RIP) may be having fun and a blast while dealing with wild animals and they are seemingly knowledgeable in there are of expertise. But the unseen fact is that these men have backed their passion with a college degree and you can do so through the Rockefeller Wildlife State Scholarship program.

The Rockefeller Wildlife State Scholarship program is one of the known initiatives when it comes to wildlife education. However, there are certain catches for those who want to avail of the said program. But if you can satisfy the requirements demanded from you, then you have the chance of making out a career in wildlife, starting with a college education.

First off, applicants must provide proof of residency. They must be residents of the state of Louisiana for a year prior to the application. Second, the scholarship is only applicable to public colleges or universities within the state of Louisiana. Third, you must enroll in a wildlife-related course such as forestry, animal science, environmental science, and marine biology.

In the event that you fail to maintain the minimum GPA requirement or if you are not able to graduate in a wildlife-related college program, then you are obliged to pay in full the college tuition grant amount that you have received along with the other expenses made by the scholarship body. While it is a daunting prospect at first, this should motivate you to really strive hard or else, be buried in debt.

The program annually awards $1,000 college tuition grants to their recipients, which could accumulate to $7,000 throughout their college careers.

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